Nowy innowacyjny projekt międzynarodowy realizowany z partnerami UNDP i POLISH AID

Nowy innowacyjny projekt międzynarodowy realizowany z partnerami UNDP i POLISH AID




Innovative green technology for wastewater treatment

Two companies: Polish Ekoprom and Belorussian Beltiehagroplast have established a partnership to produce locally (in Belarus) the innovative comprehensive wastewater treatment plants. That should start elimination of environmental pollution caused by municipal wastewater in areas with dispersed buildings and housing estates distant from central sewage systems in Belarus. Pilot systems will be installed in agritourism, cultural center and inn facilities in villages of Lyntupy (Postava area), Radzivilki (Grodno area) Kazlovitchy and Synkovitchy (Zelva area). In addition due to three local workshops the environmental non-governmental organizations and local government authorities will gain access to information and practical innovative solutions in the field of wastewater management in areas without access to the central sewer systems.

“We have had contacts with Ekoprom for several years. Thanks to this, we can observe how big changes have occurred in sewage treatment systems, mainly in rural regions in Poland. We decided to jointly implement the latest technological solution developed by Ekoprom in our production plant for the serial production of autonomous, relatively cheap, innovative bio wastewater treatment plants both for the domestic market and in the future, which I believe in, for export. That should contribute to solution of important environmental problem on local levels"- says Natallia Fursevich from Beltiehagroplast/Belarus.

Above 20% of total population of Belarus do not have access to central sewage systems (mainly in rural areas). This problem also occurs in a great number of service facilities (agritourism, bars, hotels, gas stations, households in dispersed areas etc.) and numerous housing estates on the outskirts of cities distant from urban central sewage systems. Few home sewage treatment plants, if exist, require the disposal of sewage sludges, which (concentrated) are toxic and should be utilized in specialized treatment plants. These usually don’t exist in the immediate vicinity. Therefore huge amounts of sewage from household septic tanks and sewage sludge from sewage treatment plants are drained illegally to nearby water reservoirs or into the ground, causing environmental pollution and epidemiological threats. In order to solve the problem, we are planning to start the Belarus based production of innovative sewage treatment plants. It is the comprehensive solution eliminating odour and the need to remove any sludge. The final result is purified water and bio humus.

The implementation of the project will allow Beltiehagroplast the production and promotion of innovative biological treatment plants both in Belarus and for export, especially to other countries of Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus, which have similar or even much larger problems in wastewater management. Potential market is huge, 20%-50% of population in respective countries in above mentioned regions might need treatment plants. In the longer term, such solution can be used on a global scale (also in UNDP development activities).

The project is financed by the Polish Challenge Fund, an effective driver of innovation and change in the region. 

If you are interested in the solution or Polish Challenge Fund, please use the following contacts:

UNDP, Programme Specialist, Polish Challenge Fund: [email protected]

EKOPROM Michał HAWRYŁYSZYN (Innovator): e--mail: [email protected]

Beltiehagroplast Aleksandr FURSEVICH (Local Partner):e-mail:[email protected]


The project innovative green technology for wastewater treatment is implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) through the Polish Challenge Fund, with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.